Suspension training solutions to fit Outrace perfectly in any space.

Three days of training, sharing of experiences and creating bonds all over the world: Technogym’s OUTRACE Master Trainer Event ended up in a very successful opportunity to spread awareness and competence about Outrace and its training possibilities. This special event, organized by Technogym with the collaboration of Sidea, involved twenty trainers that came to Romagna literally from all over the world (Australia, Benelux, China, Germany, Russia, South Africa, UAE, UK and USA) to deepen their knowledge about Outrace structures and their possible uses.

Master trainer event-outrace

Sidea’s headquarter in Gambettola has been the main setting of the event, allowing the participants to have access to the R2-600 structure in the showroom, to the T5 Outdoor installed in the company’s garden and to all the Outrace’s accessories and attachments.

The event lasted three days (from Wednesday 13th June to Friday 15th) and the trainers participated both to theoretical sessions, during which they were given all the technical information about the structure, and practical exercises: one of the main activities of the program consisted on trying to elaborate a 45 minutes full workout with Outrace, including warm up, main part and stretching.

At the end of the event, the participants were subjected to an examination that certified a high-level competence about a safe and correct use of Outrace structures and tools.