Outrace solutions

are part of a larger project born within the Sidea’s Company  vision to develop the quality of movement, where the term movement has a very precise meaning.

Movement understood as an opportunity to improve our relationship with the world without forgetting its original purpose: survival.

We have learned to move to be able to live, then we did everything to create a technology that would help us to limit it, to force it and to do without it.

Our project is to restore value to the correct movement since it is undeniable that man, in order to live well, needs to move and not only metaphorically.

Outrace means overtaking.

Lead innovation, think in future, are ideas that represent our approach to innovation in functional and group training, and that’s what inspired our unique and avant-garde OUTRACE solutions.

Outrace structures and applications have been designed to solve specific training, design and space optimization needs

More than twenty models of structures, to be set up with at least thirty components, Movables and Apps allow you to build your own functional space in a unique way.