Cod. 1695 Easy Big Tubing Kit: Elastic 40 kg + belt + strap attachment


Easy Big Tubing is an elastic speed band encased into a protective sock. It has an overall length of 3,20 m. and is extendable up to 9 m., equipped with snap-hooks and accessories. These elastics are useful in many workout settings: athletic conditioning, functional training, fitness, where it is necessary to train speed, explosive power, or increase metabolic work, with added resistance.

The Easy Big Tubing, with medium to low resistance, allows you to use the elastic band with excellent safety. Even when used by older adults, it allows you to perform different exercises. Amongst others: running sideways, running backward, resistance running, four-legged, jumping, or climbing on raised floors.

The Power Big Tubing, with double the resistance compared to the Easy model, is helpful in all those contexts in which you work with athletes performing resistance running or strengthening. It is also possible to simultaneously use two or three elastics according to your training demands.