Medical ball


cod. 0490 Medical ball 2 kg / Ø 190 mm
cod. 0491 Medical ball 4 kg / Ø 220 mm
cod. 0492 Medical ball 6 kg / Ø 230 mm
cod. 0493 Medical ball 8 kg / Ø 240 mm

Medical Ball

Classic, high-quality rubber medicine balls, with anti-slip properties that provide a firm hold. Ideal for toning exercises, holistic fitness, rehabilitation, functional training circuits, and athletic training. Its smooth bounce allows the athlete to perform a wide variety of core exercises of explosive power, speed, agility, and endurance for a full-body workout. The balls feature the metric weight indicators, and thanks to their material, they are also suitable for slamming.

We advise starting with relatively lighter weights and build-up from there.