OR16053 Punching Ball 30Kg


DIMENSIONS: 500-700 mm
DIAMETER: 500 mm
WEIGHT: 30 kg


OR16053 Punching Ball 30Kg


Punching bag with a spherical-like shape which can be used to train for combat sports like boxing, kick boxing, Muay Thai or MMA, particularly suitable to improve on constant movement, speed, agility, dynamicity and, most of all, high-intensity, so much that it is also called “wrecking bag”. Shifts, half-shifts, dodges, rotations, pivots and passing under the Punching Ball: these kinds of movement can be performed in a very effective way with this bag, which is absolutely complete also for what concerns the hits and in particular the uppercuts (it is also called ‘Uppercut Bag’), but also the kicks and knees.

Thanks to its features and to the work that can be performed with it, the Punching Ball can be useful also for the modern multidisciplinary athletic preparation, which is indeed particularly focused on the high-intensity and on a balanced training of every physical qualities: mobility, proprioception, balance, stability, coordination, strength, speed, endurance and resilience.

For what concerns functional training and metabolic activities dedicated to wellbeing and fitness, the introduction of training methods that come from combat sports preparation is nowadays a consolidated and successful trend.

In this context, the 30kg Punching Ball can be considered a perfect solution, also as an alternative to the standard punching bags. From a structural point of view, the Punching Ball is excellently finished and it is provided ready for use, fulfilled for a total weight of 30kg and complete with chains and carabiner for hooking.