Soft Kettlebell


OR2308 Soft Kettlebell 8kg

OR2312 Soft Kettlebell 12kg

OR2316 Soft Kettlebell 16kg


SOFT KETTLEBELL – Made of a heavy vinyl encasing, with reinforced stitching and steel tube handle. Ideal for Outrace training programs: awareness, health, endurance, and performance through movement. The vinyl finishing helps protect your floors and reduces noise.

In addition to traditional exercises, like kettlebell swings and kettlebell snatches, the Soft Kettlebells allow maximum freedom of movement, safety for users nearby, and, overall, safety for other Outrace surfaces.

In high-intensity training contexts, typical of the circuits involving Outrace apps and accessories, the Soft Kettlebell is a well-rounded tool, with the same attributes of a medicine ball. Helping reduce injuries to the wrist associated with standard kettlebell snatches.

soft kettlebell