Outrace Avantgarde: R3 series

In Outrace solutions there is always an accurate search for proportions, colors and details. Everything is centered on a philosophy in which the true and only protagonist is the Movement and not a mere muscle activation, adhering to the principle that the brain focuses on motor skills, acquires information and transforms it into useful motions.

Outrace structure: Center Piece, Perfect Fit

No constraint, no limitation, maximum freedom …


Set in the center of the room, to give the opportunity to create functionals circuits inside and all around the frame, exploiting to the maximum all the external spaces adjacent to the pillars.

Example of Outrace R3-9 center piece with accessories


With the pillars adjacents to the walls of the room to keep the working spaces of the room free. With this configuration is possible to keep using the room for any activity when necessary without limits.

Example of Outrace R3-9 center piece with accessories